Press Release International Circus Festival of Italy October 18 – 22, 2018

Applications invited for participating in ‘Circus Expo’ and ‘Circus-Themed Literary Café’.

The International Circus Festival of Italy gears up for its 19th edition.

The countdown has started: less than 30 days to the start of the Festival, with performers from 13 nations and 3 continents.

The 19th edition of the International Circus Festival of Latina, which will take place in Latina on October 18 – 22, promises to be very exciting, with 27 original competing numbers divided into two separate shows, as well as the additional events that gravitate around the Festival.

The first of these is the sixth edition of the ‘Circus-Themed Literary Café’, which is an informal discussion between authors and fans of the magical, traditional arts of the circus. This will take place on Friday, October 19 at 6pm. The ‘Literary Café’ will include cartoonists, writers and performers, and will be hosted by journalist Dina Tomezzoli.

Amongst our additional events there will also be the ‘Circus Expo’, where photographers, painters, sculptors, collectors, miniature model fans and others can display their work and collections. The exhibition will be open to the public every day until one hour before each show. This event aims to display circus culture and live performance through an assortment of arts that depict it or represent its history. ‘Circus Expo’ will be set up on Wednesday, October 17, and opened to the public on Thursday, October 18 at 9am. It will close on Monday, October 22 on the last day of the Festival.

If you are interested in taking part in ‘Circus Expo’ as an exhibitor, please contact our production office no later than 6.30pm on Friday, October 28 through with your name, full contact details, and full and precise information regarding what you wish to put on display.

Tickets for the shows are already on sale. This year’s competitors in the 19th edition of the International Circus Festival of Latina come from Europe, Asia, and America. The performers come from China, Russia, Cuba, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Hungary, France, Germany, and Romania. The 27 numbers in the competition will be divided into two separate shows which will both display numerous different skills and specialities.

This year’s ‘Red Carpet’ includes, amongst others, Hungarians Adam & Benjamin in an acrobatic Chinese pole number. The Festival also presents the young Russian performer Alessia Fedotova, 15, who is already making a name for herself with a stunning verticalism number. Circus art today is also synonymous with innovation and technology, and this year’s edition sees German performer Daniel Golla bringing a unique number to Italian big tops that is touring the most important European venues: a remote-controlled model aeroplane that performs acrobatic feats inside the tent.

Dates and times of shows:

Thursday, October 1810am (matinée) and 9pm (Show A)

Friday, October 1910am (matinée) and 9pm (Show B)

Saturday, October 204.30pm (Show B) and 9pm (Show A)

Sunday, October 213.30pm (Show A) and 7pm (Show B)

Monday, October 22Gala Show and Awards Ceremony

Shows A and B, whilst containing different acts, are both of the same high artistic and technical level. This simply reflects the necessary division of the 27 numbers into two shows.

The ‘Special Guests’ will perform in all shows.

Tickets can already be purchased through:

or call (0039) 0773474000

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